Inspired by Books.

Uplifted by Sisterhood.

Transcending our shared love of books, Between The Covers serves as more than a book club. We are a global community of women empowering one another with the confidence and unconditional love we need to passionately pursue our best selves.

We’re so glad you’re here. 

Now you can finally find the sisterhood you’ve only dared dream about. 

Whether you’re tired of toxic relationships and friendships that weigh you down or you’re simply on a new search for a better life, you’re making moves. You’re letting go of the things that no longer serve you and actively pursuing new people, habits, and actions - ones that will make you happier and healthier. 

Now you’re ready to find the friends that will walk alongside you through this crazy journey. You’re ready for deeper, more meaningful relationships than you’ve experienced before. Because ‒ most of all ‒

you’re ready to grow. 

we believe

Surrounding yourself with courageous + supportive women is one of the best decisions you can make. 

It started with a dream

In 2018, Between The Covers founder, Madison Bynum, realized she craved authentic friendships formed with other women in a loving and supportive space. It was a small dream, but one she couldn’t shake. 

Today, Between The Covers is a global community of 1000+ women, meeting in local chapters all across the nation and participating in uplifting trips around the world. Together, we’ve become known as the place where women become free to passionately pursue their best selves through inspirational books‒ and the place where strangers transform into sisters through the power of unconditional love.

Fill your life with the books you can’t put down and the women who honor your soul.

You’re a woman with a real desire for more authentic friendships 

You’re ready to let go of old habits in pursuit of healthier ones

You love reading (and discussing!) a good book

You are a kind human who wants to support other humans 

join now

Come on in. We can’t wait to meet you!

Between The Covers is right for you if…





"I can’t remember the last time, or if ever, that I’ve been surrounded by such positive, inspiring, and genuine souls. To share what we just shared this weekend brings tears to my eyes. 

I have always internally struggled with feeling like I’m not liked by others or that I didn’t deserve to be included in “XYZ group of girls”. I’ve had complicated friendships that have left me feeling insecure, stupid, ugly, belittled, and overall just not good enough and in hindsight - I felt like I was not measuring up to someone else’s standards. Since joining BTC I’ve never felt an ounce of that feeling. Instead, I realized that we are uplifting each other to achieve and uphold our OWN sometimes confusing, vulnerable, and messy, unique standards. And we hold each other up when we trip (and even fall..multiple times) along the way to getting there. Thank you all for being the friends I’ve always needed.”

- emily, austin

“I am so grateful for the support, community, and special friendships that I have found in joining BTC.

I have never been a part of such an inclusive, genuine, and loving group. BTC has created a safe place for me to share my heart, fears, failures, and successes while being fully heard and rooted for along the way. I have grown in my own personal journey through reading and collaborating with such intelligent women, and I am proud to be a part of this community. I will cherish this sisterhood for a lifetime!

- daniella, houston

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Don’t get us wrong. We love books, but at Between the Covers, we’re committed to offering so much more than awesome book recs and discounts. Our community is a safe space for vulnerability and honesty. Everything you bring to the table will be met with unconditional love. 

Most book communities are virtual only (and we do have that option), but we believe in the unmatched power of in-person connections. BTC is proud to host lift-changing real-life events - including our Recharge Trips and adult summer camps - unseen in any other book community.

In our local chapters available across the U.S., we gather weekly to encourage and support each other through this roller coaster called Life. Get connected to a group near you or start one of your own. 

The Between The Covers Difference

We’re SO not your average book club…


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