Follow Your Bliss. (Soul Sisters Included.)

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Whether your soul longs for rest and relaxation or community and connection, there is an immersive experience for you.


When life is busy, burnout becomes inevitable.

We get so wrapped up in work and adulting and allll the scrolling that before we know it, we’re saying things like: "I need a break" OR "my phone is taking over my life" OR “I just need to make it through this day/week/month.”

If your internal battery is flashing red, it’s time for a Recharge.

Recharge - as a retreat - gives us permission to drop our vices and guilty pleasures. The space that is created from the absence gives way for rest, relaxation, and self-transformation. 

Recharge is a wellness getaway where we stop indulging in the things that drain us - our phones, social media, alcohol, work, TV watching - and start participating in the things that energize us.  

We might practice yoga, hike, participate in book discussions, share our vulnerabilities, journal, or meditate – but no what activities we embark on the goal is the same: to get grounded again.

Recharge is a recalibration for the soul. A time to reset your body, mind, and spirit so you can leave feeling renewed.

Far from your typical vacation, Recharge is both a digital detox and the exhale moment you’ve been looking for.

It’s no secret. Making new friends as an adult is hard.

If you’ve ever struggled with feeling left out, too much, or not enough, you’re not alone. A history of complicated friendships in adolescence can leave you feeling insecure in them in adulthood. Especially as many of them crumble and disappear. Gone are the days of roasting s’mores, telling campfire stories, and laughing until our guts ache. 

Or so they would have us to believe. 

BTC CAMP brings back the excitement of new friendships at summer camps‒but on a deeper, more meaningful level worthy of adulthood.

The scenery is guaranteed to be extraordinary, but that’s not what makes camp worthwhile. It’s the coming together of the most caring, hilarious, high vibing, unconditionally loving, gracious women you’ll ever meet. Lightworkers, hand-holders, dancing queens, joy givers. 

BTC CAMP is the place where BTC members from our many different groups and cities all come together to connect, support, and love on each other. 

Perfect strangers from all across the nation come together for a long weekend of love, vulnerability, healing, and transformation. They leave as sisters.


one word commonly used to describe BTC CAMP

Your abs might hurt from laughing so hard, but your heart will overflow from being loved on so hard. BTC camps, the adult version of the summer camps you loved as a kid, are a unique place where we get to love on strangers unconditionally. 

At BTC CAMP, you may find yourself stargazing with soul sisters and giggling like a little kid again. We’ll laugh. We’ll cry. We’ll have breakthroughs and experience restorative rest. Each one of us will leave a little lighter and more refreshed, overflowing with residual peace and joy that comes from a life-changing experience.  

CAMP Special Guest: Jessica Zweig

This year's keynote speaker at CAMP is CEO + Founder, SimplyBe. Agency, and bestselling author of Be., Jessica Zweig.

Get 25% off Jessica Zweig's signature digital personal branding course, The Be. Experience, with code CAMP25.


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Formed from love, authenticity, and vulnerability, BTC CAMP is a rare experience ‒ one you’ll hold near and dear to your heart forever.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What will we do at CAMP?

BTC Camps always include a handful of planned activities, often things like yoga, hiking, discussions, and maybe even an Author Surprise. The retreat centers we select include tons of amenities like pools, tennis/basketball/volleyball courts, a theater and so much more.


How many people will be at CAMP?

Registration is limited, so be sure to register asap. BTC Camps typically hold space for 60 - 80 BTC members


How do I sign up?

As a perk of becoming a Patron, you can receive first dibs. Information is released in the following order:
- Patreon Trailblazers
- Patreon Ambassadors
- Patreon Supporters
- General BTC Members